Nikki's Mission

Breaking down barriers to health with biochemistry, coaching, and education

Resolve symptoms with skilled support

After years of fighting weight gain and autoimmune symptoms, Nikki used her biochemistry and dietetics expertise to make diet and lifestyle changes that resolved every symptom and ended the weight gain for good.

1:1 Coaching with a caring professional

Her results-driven focus and science-based approach help clients achieve lasting weight loss and significant improvements in overall health and well-being.

Custom plans created just for you

Nikki uses a client-centered approach that fits your busy lifestyle. Through compassionate support and research-based education, she empowers you to make choices that support lifelong health.

Nikki supports anyone seeking nutrition guidance, weight loss, or a combination of both

Through expertise in biochemistry and a deep understanding of nutrition, I offer an enlightening journey that explores the transformative potential of proper nutrition, including the carnivore and keto approaches.

I became a coach to share my experience and expertise so others can heal themselves and live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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Meet Nikki

A biochemistry coach and busy mum on a mission to help you heal autoimmune and weight issues

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I was gaining weight despite a very intense workout schedule

A few years ago, my autoimmune symptoms were out of control and impacting my daily life. I dealt with hormonal dysregulation, headaches, fatigue, persistent allergies and asthma, skin rashes, gut discomfort, and autoimmunity my entire life until age 31.

I previously studied nutrition but was unable to control my weight or symptoms despite doing everything I had been taught was “ healthy.”

Science-informed choices lead to lasting results

I decided to return to university to study how the body works biochemically so I could understand my own health. With a deeper understanding of human physiology and biochemistry, I implemented diet and lifestyle changes that resolved all my lifelong health struggles in a relatively short period of time.

In my free time, I enjoy time with my partner and family, staying active, music, and reading about biochemistry, of course!


Nikki's Guiding Values

My passion for nutrition and coaching has grown from my own health struggles and a deep desire to support others in reaching optimal health.

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Results Driven

By diving deeply into your health history, I evaluate your body’s current function to create a custom plan based on you and your lifestyle. As your health improves, we adapt your plan to continue health maintenance.

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Lifelong Health

I make the science of nutrition and biochemistry easy to understand and apply in your day-to-day life. When you know the how and why of your actions, you can make positive changes that help you feel better today while also supporting lifelong health maintenance.

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Continuous Learning

I teach clients science-based strategies for losing weight and managing symptoms. I study the latest research to continue to help you make informed, strategic decisions that promote your health so you can live more fully.

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Human First

Helping you feel better every day is my number one priority. I want this to be a partnership where we work together to help you achieve your best health: troubleshoot your struggles, discuss your daily schedule, and decide on your goals.

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"I can feel clear changes in my libido, mood, and energy and I see a stark difference in my body composition"

I was experiencing a drop in my libido, mood, and ability to gain muscle as I was approaching my early 40s. I was also unhappy with my body composition, and my allergies were becoming a daily issue for me. Nikki has helped me over the last 4 months via diet manipulation and an inexpensive supplement regime. She was clear about changes I could implement to maximize my training and muscle gains. My allergies are also now under control and my sleep is better!

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Start making changes now

Troubleshoot autoimmune issues and create your path to optimum health