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Jump start your success with a

Personalised Plan

Investment: AUD $270

✅   Best for:

Clients who feel confident they can stick to a plan when given proper guidance.

❌   Not for:

Clients looking for ongoing support to help them stay on track.

*With the personal plan package, you will receive 4 weeks of complimentary support from Nikki. To continue receiving revisions to your nutrition and training plan and ongoing support from Nikki, you must advise Nikki to switch to prepaid billing on a 4-weekly basis.


Receive a personalised plan, plus

Ongoing support from Nikki

Investment: AUD $270, then AUD $110 per month*

Includes everything offered in Option 1, plus:

✅   Best for:

Clients with moderate to severe symptoms, complex health issues, or persistent weight gain needing ongoing evaluation and support.

❌   Not for:

Clients who want a custom diet plan to follow on their own

How to begin

When you work with Nikki, there are no upfront financial commitments, lock-ins, contracts, or lump sum fees

Step 1

Schedule your free consultation

Initial consultations last 15 minutes on Google Meetfree video call service, where you discuss your current health concerns and goals, and are always free!

Step 2

Complete the quick questionnaire

Provide your medical history, list of symptoms, medication, and goals to help Nikki give recommendations and discuss a custom plan during your consult.

Step 3

Provide additional medical information to Nikki via email

By providing past blood panels and additional pertinent medical history, you will receive carefully tailored support and direction. During the consult, you and Nikki will dicuss what support level is best suited to help you achieve your goals.

More information about Nikki's services

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